School Teacher Pathogen Course

This 15 minute, online course was specifically designed to provide teachers and administrative staff the basics on how to reduce their overall risk of contracting an infectious disease at the workplace, including COVID-19 and the variant. The course covers the following topics:

  • Viruses and variants
  • High touch surfaces on school campuses
  • Virus transmission
  • Prevention techniques to lower your risk
  • Vaccines 

From K-12 campuses, private and public schools all the way up to the collegiate level, our online English and Spanish courses will provide your staff the necessary training to keep them and students as safe as possible.

Register - $19

A Dozen problem

Our 12 user bundle helps you save on getting a dozen teachers or administrative staff trained.

12 User Bundle - $220

More than 12 teachers & administrative Staff?

We have trained and certified entire school districts and are happy to provide volume discount pricing, please contact us for more information [email protected] or call 888.519.7722